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Easy Strategies For A Clean House

Posted by Christopher Johnson on
Home Improvements

We all love to have a clean and pristine house. I have many instances where I gawk at the houses in magazines and wish I could do that myself. However none of us likes cleaning. It’s hard, it’s boring and it takes time. But if we strategize what we clean and how we clean it our homes will end up looking good and we won’t feel exhausted doing it.

Things to do every day

Yes, there are some things we need to do every day. Sweeping the house and cleaning any stains on the carpets is not that hard but it should be done so have a broom and some carpet cleaning North Adelaide supplies on hand. Also itsa good idea to keep the toilet seat and vanity in the wash room clean every day as well.

Things to do every week

Dusting the furniture is the main thing to do here. You might not see any dust but sweep a duster over everything. This will seriously help out with allergies and will give a pleasant feeling overall. This is also a good time to go around the house and check if there are anything that should not be there and get rid of it. Stray water bottles, random pieces of paper fall into this category.

Things to do once a month

Clean your bathroom well. Wash all the tiles and the shower area. Get a great grout cleaner and clean those unsightly saints as well. Give you windows a good cleaning as well. Dust can collect in them over time. This is also a good time to vacuum all your carpets and check under those as well.

Things to do ever season

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning but it’s always best to clean up your house every season. Go through everything and throw away the stuff you don’t use. Reducing clutter will not only make your house look good but it will also revive the energy of the house. This is an excellent time to get rid of clothes. Change your bedding and curtains and this will add a freshness. While you’re at it vacuum the mattresses and pillows as well.

Things to do once a year

Check inside all the nooks and crannies of your house, there might be unwanted things in the hidden corners. Look inside your pantry cupboards, under big furniture and clean them all. Your gutters, garage, washing machine should all be cleaned at least once a year.By following this simple strategy you will not have cleaning piled up at once and for once you might even enjoy cleaning.