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Log Floor Maintenance And Restoration Services

Posted by Christopher Johnson on
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Wood floors have a unique look that cannot be compared with tiles or concrete floors. Even though wood is an old-fashioned choice, people prefer it for designing their floors. The natural feel and ambiance cast by a wooden floor do not have a substitute. In the earlier days, it was quite difficult to maintain the beauty of a hardwood floor. However, over the years, there have been lots of developments in this sector and that has led to the production of various types of protective wood paints and coatings. There are various wood restoration techniques that can make your old wooden surfaces gleam with a fresh finish. Now you can maintain and restore your wood floors without spending a fortune on renovation and repairs. There are many professional floor restoration service providers that can offer you a suitable package after directly inspecting the nature and condition of your floor. Read on to learn about the latest hardwood floor restoration and maintenance methods.

  • BuffingBuffing is a popular technique used for restoring old hardwood floors. You need to use a buffing machine for getting the job done neatly. Before buffing you need to apply a coat of wax to the floor surface. Waxing is done for unvarnished good timber flooring. Make sure that the floor doesn’t have a urethane finish. Certain wood surfaces are not suitable for waxing. So you need to rule out such issues. Before waxing and buffing you need to clean the floor thoroughly. Buffing should be carried out carefully and meticulously. You can rebuff certain areas using a polishing cloth. Do not use any kind of shine or urethane coatings for rebuffing.
    • Sanding You can retouch your old hardwood floor with the process of sanding. You need to use a sanding machine for this procedure. The machine makes use of sandpapers for scrubbing the unevenness and scratches off the floor. Multiple sessions are involved in the process. Initially, a coarser sandpaper is used to scrub the damaged surface of the floor. This is followed by two more sessions for which sandpapers with finer grits are used.
      • RefinishingVarious types of wood finishes are available in the market. But you need to find a product that is best suited for your floor type and condition. There are certain finishes that can be applied directly to the floor surface. However, damaged floors require proper cleaning and smoothening. After the restoration of the damaged areas, you can apply a coat of suitable wood finish to complete the procedure. For finding experts in professional floor restoration and timber flooring Wodonga, you can refer to store locator apps. For advanced floor retouching and polishing, it is advisable to hire professional service providers who can deliver guaranteed results.