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How To Thoroughly Clean A Carpet

Posted by Christopher Johnson on
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If you have a carpet in your home, then you know the struggle involved in regular maintenance and cleaning. Without deep cleaning, your carpet will begin to look dingy, crusty and dark before it slowly dies a sad death from which there is no return. So here is how you can clean it best before things get morbid:

Scrub, brush, blot and vacuum

With soapy water you need to scrub the areas that are caked in mud and with a normal dustpan you need you dust the areas that have dry dirt on them. If there is a stain never rub it only blot it, or you will make the stain far worse than it is. Vacuuming should be done a minimum of once-a-week so that the carpet does not start to turn into a hazardous wasteland where tiny critters breed (which is unpleasant to even think about). Cleaning will help keep it looking fresh and new.

Not-so-secret concoctions that are lifesavers

Some products work miracles on a stained area such as club soda, dish- washing detergent, shaving cream and oddly enough freeze-dried gum. You can use either or all of these because they are tried and tested and should work brilliantly when it comes to getting out stains. Before you use any of these products however always test it out on one small part of the carpet (which is in an area that no one will see) because some products might not agree with it resulting in a bleached or damaged looking section.

There is always the option of professional help so do not fret

If you want a major cleaning to be done on your carpet them hire some carpet cleaners North Sydney to do the job for you, because not everyone has the time to do a thorough cleaning. And if you feel as though you have stains that appear immortal just call one of these services, there is no shame in it because sometimes you have to know when to give up.

Just do your best

Regularly maintain and clean as often as you can but do not kill yourself over stubborn stains when you know they will not come out. Try whatever you can to thoroughly clean up and remember you can get commercial carpet cleaning services anytime you need if you just look in the right places.Ensure that you prevent a build-up of dirt, dust the carpet as often as you can thus remove trapped dirt, vacuum with a vengeance. And voila! If you follow these tips and tricks your carpet should be in pristine condition.