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In order to find the best reception for your TV, you will undoubtedly have to test a number of spots in your home. That being said, you should not try to find a good spot at random – there are a number of factors that can both improve or worsen an aerial’s ability to pick up on signals. Here are a number of tips to follow in this situation:

Find out where the broadcasting towers are in your region – the first trick you should resort to if you want better reception in your home is to find out where the broadcasting towers in your region are exactly located. This is important because if you place your TV antenna Wollongong in a way that it faces the broadcasting tower, the signal strength can greatly improve, and so can your TV reception. If you are unsure of where the towers are, you can probably search online for a map location of all the broadcasting towers in your region. Find the closest one to you and make sure to position your aerial to face the tower’s direction from your home. Also, find out the distance from the broadcasting towers to your home: this is important when purchasing an aerial, as different aerials pick up signals at different distance ranges.

Try to place your aerial outside – another good point to follow with your aerial installation, in order to improve reception, is to place it outside. This is because this often allows for the least obstructions between the best aerial installation and the broadcasting towers, making the signal stronger and easier to pick up on. Of course, if your window or balcony is obstructed by a building, a wall or any similar thick obstruction, placing it elsewhere would be more appropriate, so consider your surroundings as well.

Look for the highest place – another common advice you often hear with regards to aerials is to place them at the highest possible point in your home. Generally, this would mean the roof, but given the fact that many live in apartments or flats, this is always not a possible option. Therefore, look for any similar location that might make sense for you: this might be on top of your bookshelf, or it might be fixed to the top of your window.

Avoid metal surfaces – lastly, do not forget that metals can easily interfere with signal reception and therefore prevent your aerial from picking up any significant signals. If you installed the aerial on your window for better reception, this means that it would be a useless attempt if your window had metal bearings or the like on it. What you should do is to make sure that there are no metal objects in close vicinity to your aerial – a distance of six feet or so would be ideal.