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You are a fashion designer and started small. You were designing simple dresses and wedding dresses from your family home and you have since been doing this for about a year. You are happy that your client base has grown significantly since your humble beginning. At the very start of everything, you only created clothes for family members and relatives and even some friends and they spread the word. You created yourself a great website showcasing all of your designs and you now get clients from many different cities that come to purchase your designs or to have you design their wedding dresses for them but you are still not fully satisfied. You know that you can be much more successful if you moved to a bigger city so that’s what you do. Even though you cannot afford to buy your own space, you can afford to rent a house big enough to create a studio. After renting your new home, you realize that it looks quite bland and you want it to look like a designers’ home. But you cannot make any permanent changes to this house of yours because you do not own it. Read below to see what you can do.

You can modify the outdoors

Your landlord is most probably not going to disagree if you ask him if you can create a beautiful garden surrounding this house of yours, especially if the place looks plain and flat. If you manage to get permission to create it, you can hire some professional gardeners Richmond to help you create a stunning garden that will compliment your house as well. If you have a very large space, you can even put in a stunning fountain and have flowering plants surrounding your home and its perimeters. This will give your house a very royal look.

Repaint the walls

If the house that you are renting has been around for a very long time, chances are the paint does not look as fresh, especially on the outside, due to the changing seasons. So after you have completed the landscaping Toorak, you can try painting a few fresh coats of weather proof paint on the exterior of your house. You’ll never believe it but repainting your house can almost make it look brand new again!If your landlord allows you, you can even change the gates to your house. Investing in a fancier looking gate will automatically make your home look much more expensive! And follow these tips if you do not want to modify the interior of the house if you either do not have the permission or the budget to do so.