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Having an antique expensive carpet with a lot of designs is a pleasure because of its uniqueness and how it makes your home look more elegant but it is also a great responsibility. Maintaining a carpet is not an easy task because it’s on the floor and many people your pets will step on it regularly even though you stop your families from doing certain things that will damage the rug, guests or small children would not stop themselves. Carpets have become a trend nowadays it use to be old fashioned but with the history repeating in every way it has become a trend you can buy perfect rugs online as well as from shops anywhere. Carpets are mostly damages by insects, stains from food items, plant pots and dirt from foots, pets. This article will show you ways how to maintain your carpet and keep it out of damage.The first thing you have to keep in mind when maintaining your rug is that when it gets dirty maybe by a food stain you should not keep it that way for long – be quick and wash it as soon as you see it by following this method you can get the stains out for sure the longer you leave the stain the more the patch will stay.

Leaving the rug on water for a longer period will cause it to dry rot this will bring a bad smell and fungi on the carpet which will take a lot of work and expenses to get it over with. Shaggy rugs online as well as in shops have a lot of fur like materiel making it harder to maintain but it gives a very elegant look to any space, these types of rugs should be maintained carefully than other types over washing them can cause damage. Carpets need daily vacuuming; this process should be done by a good quality vacuum. This process will ensure that the particles trapped in between the rug materiel will not start to stain after sometimes that’s why daily vacuuming is essential, when vacuuming make sure the power is not very high because it could damage the rug.

There are a variety of carpet cleaning liquids on the market nowadays but most of them are harmful that will result more damages to the carpet than before therefor when cleaning your carpet make sure you read the instruction in the bottle or the box and apply it on a hidden corner of the carpet to see the result if the carpet changes color or starts to stain do not use it.