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For those who have visited tiles shops lately know that there are multiple dazzling options available of tiles that can enhance the creativity in you to the next level. But, when there is a limitation in terms of budget, there’s not much you can do. To overcome this issue, we have come to solve this problem for those who are on a tight budget yet still want to give a high end furnished look to their homes. Below are some of the tricks for utilizing cheap tiles to be used in ways that look surprisingly extravagant. 

Tricks for making Cheap Tiles Deliver a High End look 

  1. Use a Full Coverage of Tiles on Walls or onto the Ceiling 
    When you are on a super tight budget, the best strategy is to go for tiles that are very cheap in terms of price but a greater quantity of it. Using cheap tiles covering the whole wall is more preferable rather than using a chunk of expensive tiles. This idea is more useful in a bathroom or a kitchen where tiled waterproof exteriors are plain looking.  
  2. Color for Cheap 
    Tiles that are neutral in colors such as white and shades of white are the most affordable ones, but you will be surprised to know that the extra price for the colors isn’t that high too. You might want to choose tiles that are funky for a burst of color or you could simply go for a black and white combination that has always given a classy touch if done right. 
  3. Finished Edges 
    You may use a tile that costs way too much or probably use one of the cheapest tiles but if not installed accurately, it is still going to look low and cheap. Before your installer starts the fixing of tiles, you need to decide as to how to design the tiles, more specifically, where and how the tile is going to start and stop.  
  4. Lay an Unlikely Pattern 
    Rather than purchasing tiles with unique designs, go for a simple tile pattern and have your installer use his creative ways of professionally installing it in a different arrangement. Some of the fanciest looking designs are spirals, chevrons and graduated progressions.  
  5. Mix and Match the Designs 
    Last but not the least, one of the most economical ways to use cheap tiles in Sydney is to mix and match it with a more expensive material. For example, you could choose a loud backsplash but then use the rest of the room with tiles of neutral shades. Using this strategy will allow you to make sure that the expensive tools used will always be the show stopper as they will be popping out in the room.  tiles-services